Encrypt your link/url

$50.00 USD
  • Example http://0xd8.0x3a.0xd4.0x8e copy url encode to your browser it will redirect you to google.com, most of our clients using it for Redirect scam pages, so you have to put http://0xd8.0x3a.0xd4.0x8e in your html message when you send out mails, and you can make it redirect to your scam page link sample domain1.com when domain1.com get red page alert you can change it to domain2.com or other hosts, so your scam page will be online always.
  • Video Preview! - https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwAG9W9w76M

What is Encrypt URL?
URL Encrypt is an url with codes, not ip or domain.
How it works